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Bank of Deerfield provides a broad range of services to corporations, institutions, not-for-profit and government entities. We also provide banking and investment services to small businesses throughout Wisconsin.

Bank 24 hours a day! Click here for ONLINE BANKING or use ACCESS 24 Touchtone Banking at 1-800-764-5411. ACCESS 24 is a FREE service available from the Bank of Deerfield. Use your touchtone phone to: Transfer funds between accounts, check account balances, verify deposits, and make loan payments.

Checking Accounts

Type of Account Deposited Items Monthly Fee Per Check Charge Interest
Regular Checking Account* $0.03 on-us
$0.05 local
$0.07 transit
$6.00 $0.25 No

* An Earnings Credit is calculated on the average collected balance in your account on a monthly basis. This amount is applied towards your monthly service charge and may reduce or eliminate it.


Type of Account Minimum Balance* Monthly Fee Transactions Opening Balance
Insured Money Market Account $2,500 $10.00 Limit of six per statement cycle None
"Advantage" Index Money Market Account $5,000 monthly average or $2,500 daily balance $10.00 Limit of six per statement cycle $10,000

* Minimum Balance for No Service Charge.

Certificates of Deposit

Is your money working as hard as you are? A certificate of deposit will put it to work for you. Open your account with just a $500 minimum deposit.

  • Regular: A fixed rate certificate of deposit where you choose your term and amount.
  • Flex: A 3 year Certificate of Deposit that includes a one time option to change your rate to the current 3 year flex rate for the remainder of the term.

Credit Cards

Complete your cash management activities with a Visa© card from Bank of Deerfield. Offering fixed or variable interest rates with the added security of dealing with your local bank.

Commercial Loans

At Bank of Deerfield you'll find financing to suit every business need. We offer flexible lending options for a wide range of companies and industries.

  • Commercial Loans:
    Short- or long-term loans are available as a ready source of funding to keep your business running smoothly and profitability.
  • Real Estate Loans:
    Experienced real estate lenders can provide various real estate loan options for developers, real estate investors, and borrowers purchasing income properties.
  • Construction Loans:
    Bank of Deerfield has loans available to assist with construction financing.
  • Business Ready Credit:
    An open ended revolving line of credit designed to meet your cash flow needs.
  • Business Operating Lines:
    A short-term loan established to finance your operating capital needs.
  • SBA - 7(a) & Rural Development:
    Bank of Deerfield offering SBA loans to promote the development and growth of small businesses. SBA loans offer competitive interest rates, longer financing terms and higher loan-to-value ratios.

Please contact one of our bank lenders at 608-764-5411.