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Bank of Deerfield offers you a variety of personal banking, investment, and financial planning services to help you manage your money, build your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Bank 24 hours a day! Click here for ONLINE BANKING or use ACCESS 24 Touchtone Banking by calling 1-800-764-5411. ACCESS 24 is a FREE service available from the Bank of Deerfield. Use your touchtone phone to: Transfer funds between accounts, check account balances, verify deposits, and make loan payments.

  • Checking
    • Free Checking Account
    • Regular Checking Account
    • Interest Checking Account
  • Savings
    • Minors Savings (under the age of 18)
    • Variable Rate Statement Savings Account
    • Insured Money Market Account
    • "Advantage" Index Money Market Account

Checking Accounts

Type of Account To Avoid Imposition of Fees Maintenance Fee Per Item Charge Interest
Free Checking Account None None None No
Regular Checking Account

To Avoid Maintenance Fee:
$400 daily checking account balance every day of the monthly statement cycle.

To Avoid Per Item Fee:
-minimum daily balance of $400 in checking or
-minimum daily balance of $750 in savings account or
-minimum daily average of $1,000 during the monthly statement cycle.

$5.00 $0.25 No
Interest Checking Account

To Avoid Maintenance Fee:
-maintain minimum daily balance of $1,000 in checking account for the monthly statement cycle or
-maintain minimum average daily balance of $2,000 in a savings account for the monthly statement cycle.

To Avoid Per Item Fee:
-Minimum daily balance of $1,000 in checking or
-maintain minimum average daily balance of $2,000 in checking or
-if you are a member of our Premiums Plus Program.

$7.00 $0.25 Yes

Savings Accounts

Type of Account Minimum Balance* Maintenance Fee Withdrawals Opening Balance
Variable Rate Statement Savings Account $200 $1.00 $0.50 each over
three per month
Insured Money Market Account $1,000 daily average balance each monthly statement cycle. $7.00 Limit of six per statement cycle $2,500
"Advantage" Index Money Market Account $5,000 monthly average or $2,500 daily balance $10.00 Limit of six per statement cycle $10,000

* Required Balance(s) for no Maintenance Fee(s).

Certificates of Deposit

Is your money working as hard as you are? A certificate of deposit will put it to work for you. Open your account with just a $500 minimum deposit. (May not apply to CD Specials.)

  • Regular: A fixed rate certificate of deposit with terms from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Flex: A 3 year certificate of deposit that includes a one time option to change your rate to the current 3 year flex rate for the remainder of the term.

Credit Cards

Complete your cash management activities with a Visa© card from Bank of Deerfield. Offering fixed or variable interest rates with the added security of dealing with your local bank.

ATM / Debit Cards

Your Bank of Deerfield MasterCard Checkcard is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo! It acts like a check with the convenience of a credit card.

It's So Convenient! No more searching for I.D. while writing a check. It also works as your ATM card. Take it everywhere!

It's Easy! Just carry it with you! When used at an ATM, cash may be withdrawn from your checking or savings account. When used as a debit card, your MasterCard transactions will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

More Secure than Cash! Don't risk carrying cash. The Bank of Deerfield MasterCard Checkcard lets you take your cash with you without the worry. If your card is lost or stolen, call 608-764-5411 or Shazam™ at 1-800-383-8000. With your immediate action you won't be liable for any unauthorized purchases.

Save Time & Money! It's quick and easy to use your card instead of writing a check.

Consumer Loans

Loans are available for all types of purchases; autos, boats, recreational vehicles, new appliances, etc. Credit life and disability insurance* is also available subject to qualification to protect you and your family from unexpected events.

  • Home Equity Loans**:
    Use the equity in your home to make home improvements, purchase a vehicle, pay college tuition or for almost any other purchase.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit*:
    A line of credit secured by the equity in your home to be used for a variety of expenses or purchases.
  • Term Loans:
    Loans established for a specific dollar amount with fixed monthly payments and a defined term.

  * Insurance products are: NOT a deposit, NOT FDIC-insured, NOT insured by any Federal Government Agency, NOT guaranteed by the bank, and MAY go down in value.
** The interest you pay may be tax deductible. Contact your tax consultant to determine your deductibility.

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from the inconvenience and costs of overdrafts, and safeguard your credit rating.

The Bank of Deerfield's overdraft protection prevents your checking account from being overdrawn by attaching a line of credit to your account. This line of credit can be added to any Bank of Deerfield checking account. Your line of credit will automatically cover overdrafts, up to the limit of your credit line.

Protect your account and your credit rating for only $15 a year. The $15 annual fee works out to be only $1.25 a month! The amount of your loan established is based on your credit history. You pay interest only on the amount borrowed at a rate of 18% (APR).

You can also use this line of credit for emergency purchases when travelling or for that special unplanned, but necessary purchase. It's cash when you need it … either on the road or at home.